Hunting for Stars (Digital)

Hunting for Stars (Digital)

Dialectic’s 2015 record, Acres and Continents, was the band’s first release after lead vocalist and primary songwriter Ying-sun Ho was nearly killed in a catastrophic auto accident.

Yeah, it’s pretty much as epic as it sounds.


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  1. Andromeda (Intro)
  2. Bones of This City
  3. The Only Thing
  4. Leave Your Mark
  5. Orion (Interlude)
  6. This Constellation (Polaris version)
  7. Good Luck, Pigeon
  8. Stories of His Body
  9. Ursa Minor (Interlude)
  10. This Constellation (Sirius version)
  11. Maiden of the Fibre Arts
  12. No Quarter
  13. Angel, I’m Ready
  14. Cassiopeia (Interlude)
  15. This Constellation (Vega version)